What Are The Best Smart Door Locks In 2020?

best smart door lock

Smart locks give you the expediency of monitoring the activities of your home when you are away and a host of other features. But, with the abundant range of smart locks now available in the market, it can get intimidating for one searching for the best smart locks.

For quick review, below are five best smart lock for your home:

  • August smart lock pro+ connect
  • Schlage Sense smart deadbolt
  • Kwikset Kevo smart lock- 2nd gen
  • Lockly Secure Plus
  • Nest X Yale Smart Lock

Keep reading, in this guide, I will not only tell you about the best smart locks, but I am also going to provide you smart lock buying guide which will make it easy for you to select the right smart door lock.

How I pick  the smart lock?

As already mentioned before, buying a smart lock is easier said than done, mainly if you have never purchased them previously.

So, you need to prepare in the right manner before you grab the best smart lock for your smart home system.

Refer to the guide, selecting the best smart lock will no longer be a complication.

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The reason for buying the smart lock

Remember, a smart lock will not enhance the security of your home. So, ask yourself, why are you considering buying them?

Yes, you can control them remotely, track the activities of people coming in and out of your home, and you can also give permissions to selective people.

However, most smart locks which use the door locking mechanism.

Check if the smart lock will fit your door

If you think, all the smart locks are universal, as is touted in the ads, you will fall prey to their gimmicks.

There are many smart locks which are designed in a non-standard way, and their dimensions would not fit them to the door of your home.

So, always verify, if the smart lock fits appropriately, else it will be useless.

The capability of the door to incorporate a smart lock

Again, most of us tend to commit this mistake of taking the doors for granted.

Unless you are constructing a new home, the old doors may not be efficient to incorporate the smart lock.

When you have used the door for years, chances are, it has deteriorated, and the deadbolt may not work as efficiently. You must go re-check if the door is installed correctly and if any alterations are needed.

If you overlook this point, you may find the primary action of the smart lock, i.e., the automatic locking and unlocking of the deadbolt are not happening.

So, as you can see, this might seem to be a trivial issue, but significant none the less. Also, check if the smart lock is compatible with the existing deadbolt before you buy.

Wireless or Keypad

Determine the way with which you are most comfortable when you want to control the smart locks.

As you know already, the wireless and keypads are the two options from which you can choose.

If you are good at remembering numbers, you can go for the keypads.

The wireless variant will let you control the entire operations with your smartphone or voice. Take the practical aspects into account, and your choice should reflect after considering them.

Wireless Connection method

The wireless connection for controlling smart locks is gradually becoming the unanimous choice of the masses. Here also, you can choose within the Wi-Fi network or the Z-wave network.

Though the Wi-Fi control is still popular and prevalent, the Z wave network is catching up fast.

Make sure, the smart lock you buy, is compatible with the type of network you are using, for instance, the smart lock needs to be compatible with the Z wave network if you have got one.

Cost of the smart lock

Oh yes! Most of us will look at the cost factor, and inevitably, some of you have come across the $100 smart locks. However, those locks would not be as “smart” as you prefer.

For the ones that guarantee complete peace of mind, gives you the ability to control them from a remote location, performing after recognizing your voice, and sending you notifications, you must be ready to invest more than $300.

Integration with other smart appliances

Never forget to check this point. You will need the smart lock to integrate with the other devices of your smart home, like the Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Apple Homekit, for voice control, and other specific devices for triggering an alarm and so on.

At the present day, you can even pair your smart lock with the video doorbells.

The smart lock alternatives

Don’t think, smart locks should necessarily be door locks only. In this era of home automation, you have a lot of freedom. There are the Bluetooth-connected padlocks.

These locks are equally robust as the conventional locks; they will only function when you are nearby, and work by the tap of a button.

Furthermore, these smart locks also give you the privilege of granting temporary or permanent guest access with the use of an app.

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The 5 top Smart Locks for Home

Now, I am going to explore the best smart locks available.

The smart home arena is continually evolving; soon we can expect smart locks with added convenience and innovations to enter the market. For the time being, you can focus on the ones here.

August Smart Lock Pro + Connect

August is a well-known name in the arena of smart locks. With its latest release, the Smart Lock Pro + (Click to see on Amazon), the manufacturer have included several mind-blowing features.

Precisely speaking, this is the third-generation smart lock and deserves all the accolades. Yes, it is pricey, but it has to be the best smart lock till date.

Design and Features

The Smart Lock Pro + has a resemblance to its older model. It sports an anodized aluminum shell and is available in silver and grey variants.

Additionally, it is puck-shaped with a 3.2-inch diameter and 2.2-inches deep. At the outer side of the lock, you can see a small-textured ring of LED lights.

The lights turn green when you open the door and turn red when you close it.

The lock operates with the help of four AA batteries, a Bluetooth radio, and Z-wave radio. So, now you can run the functionalities of the lock using specific home automation hubs.

The Smart Lock Pro + comes with a door sensor, a mounting plate, three tailpiece adapters, and an August Connect Wi-Fi bridge. The sensors are small, and they need to be installed on the doorframe near the lock.

The Door Sense Technology form August comes into play here, which helps it to determine whether the door is open, closed, or left unattended.

Likewise, you can plug the Connect Bridge to the wall outlet near to the lock, and it will do the needful of connecting the device with the wireless network of your home.

August includes the essential features like HomeKit Enabled Lock, Homekit, IFTTT, and geofencing support.

You will not find it challenging to integrate the device with the other smart appliances or hubs present at your home.

As you can understand, the presence of Homekit means, you can make use of your voice commands for working correctly. The smart lock also supports Google and Alexa voice commands.

The August Home app lets you control the smart lock with utmost ease. With the help of the app, you can manage several locks regardless of their location. The app is well-designed and very easy to understand.

Moreover, now you can open and close the door by tapping your phone screen. You can further enhance the services of the smart lock if you include an August Doorbell Cam.

The app will let you view the live feed and sends you push notifications on how many times the door has been opened and closed.

You also have the option of enabling Auto-Lock features. Using the geofencing technology, the smart lock can sense when you are nearing home and will unlock the door for you.


The installation procedure is a breeze. The good thing is, the smart lock will make use of the existing lock hardware to attach itself.

You only need to be ready with the app. Click on “Setting up a new device; a wizard will guide you and finish the installation procedure.

For installing the sensors, you have the choice of putting them either on the surface of the door frame or in a flush mount on the said door frame. You need to drill to place the flush mount.

Once the initial installation is over, it should not take too long for the app to sync the lock with itself.

You will get a series of on-screen instructions to set up the other devices you want to integrate with the smart lock.


You can expect it to perform the very best.

For example, it will immediately react to your commands from the app. and intimate you continually about the present status of the door.

Likewise, the voice commands work flawlessly. Say goodbye to the headache of locking and unlocking doors after installing the Smart Lock Pro +.


The Smart Lock Pro + is packed with useful features. Each of its functions is useful in one way or the other.

Whether you want to operate the door with your voice, or looking forward to Bluetooth support, Wi-Fi support, and even Z-wave support, you get them all. Lastly, the geofencing and IFTTT support make it stand apart from the crowd.


Performance-wise I could not find any drawbacks of the device. It is expensive, and not many will consider them ideal for their budget, this is the only drawback I can identify if I must.


The Smart Lock Pro + has the best features, the best app, and is super-easy to install.

When you have so many good things bundled together, you ought to be ready to dig deeper on your pocket.

If you are not prepared to compromise with the security of your home, this is the smart lock for you. After using the device for some time, you will agree with my verdict.

Review video: Thanks Zachary Anderson for making this video.

Schlage Sense

You will love the smart lock from Schlage if you are a fan of the Apple devices.

The Schlage Sense (click to see on Amazon) is a touchscreen smart lock which is only functional with the iOS devices. It is expensive, but I guess the Apple fans would not mind it.

It has some outstanding features and in certain aspects performs better than the August smart locks which I covered earlier.

However, its usage limitation makes it the second choice. You just cannot operate it without Apple devices.

Design and Features

The smart lock from Schlage is available in two versions, the Classic Camelot, and the modern Century styles.

In this review, I evaluated the latter. The Sense sports a satin nickel body and has a cylindrical shape.

It comes with 2.5-inches touchscreen which is silver colored.

You will find a shield in the interior section of the lock which contains a thumb turn lever for manually locking and unlocking the door.

Furthermore, it comes with a speaker for sounding the alarm, and another button to stop the alarm.

When you want to unlock the door, you have the option of using the keypad.

You should press the logo which will turn on the backlit touchscreen; now you can enter your access code. If you see a green check mark, it means you have entered the correct code.

Similarly, a red X will be visible by entering the wrong access code. Sense gives you the privilege of adding up to 30 access codes that you can customize easily with the Sense iOS app.

You will find the app incredibly easy to use. Usually, the home screen will display the name of your home along with the names of the other installed locks.

It simultaneously displays the present status, i.e., locked or unlocked with a time stamp.

By tapping the lock icon, you can either close or open the door. There are a plethora of options in the settings page which you can explore.

Features like auto lock, touch locking feature, enabling the built-in alarm, and the possibility of renaming, deleting, and registering the lock are present here.

You will love it when you use the voice commands with the help of Siri. By narrating something like “Open the door,” “Close the door” will make it do so. Additionally, this smart lock will work with all the devices that Homekit-enabled.

But, you should not forget, the Sense uses Bluetooth technology, so you should be in the range to control it from your iPhone.

Like other users, if you intend to operate it from a remote location, you have to invest in an Apple TV and then connect the lock to your router.


The manufacturer has kept the installation procedure of this smart lock simple.

Still, for those who are installing a deadbolt lock for the first time, the makers have included a tutorial video which can be seen in the app.

It should not take long for you to grasp the procedure, and you can install the lock in no time.

The Sense comes with the necessary user guides if you need to refer to it, a bolt, strike, strike reinforcement plates, mounting screws, a backup key, a support plate, and the interior and exterior escutcheons.


As already mentioned, the smart lock integrates and works perfectly with Siri voice commands.

However, it is better to pronounce words that are devoid of similar sounding words, for example, it is better to say “Lock the door” instead of saying “Close the door,” as there are similar words that sound like “close.” Go ahead and work with the touchscreen touchpad.

It is somewhat responsive, and you will find it easy to work with.

The alarm is loud and clear. I found it helpful by adjusting the sensitivity slider of the alarm to the halfway point between the Least Sensitive and Most sensitive, by doing this, you can restrict the sudden triggering of the alarm for no valid reason.


If your smart home mostly has Apple products, you will find the experience delightful to work with the Sense. All the feature it incorporates is perfect and helpful for the user.


As you can imagine, a product that is dedicated to Apple devices will naturally be expensive.

But, I did not like the idea of investing in an Apple TV for the sake of controlling the lock from a remote location.


I keep reiterating, this smart lock is a dream come exact product.

Yes, you need to invest further in controlling it from another location, but with its excellent performance, drop-dead looks, and the ease of control, the Schlage Sense is one of the front-runners in the world of smart locks.

Review Video: Christian David has made a such beautiful video about the Schlage Sense smart lock.

Kwikset Kevo 2nd Gen

The Kwikset Kevo stepped in the smart home arena a few years ago. However, the first generation of the smart locks had some drawbacks.

The manufacturer was quick to spot these flaws and have come up with the second generation smart lock that seems to be better prepared to take on its competitors.

Feature-wise, the Kwikset Kevo second gen (click to see on Amazon) is quite similar to the first generation smart lock, but it appears more stylish, and the ability to integrate to a host of smart devices.

Additionally, the internal build of this lock is superb, unlike some of the competitors who do not have the best components inside them. The Kevo second gen is indeed capable of giving the competitors a run for their money.

Design and Features

You get the new smart lock from Kwikset in four various types, and these are the Iron Black, Venetian Bronze, Polished Chrome, and Satin Nickel.

It sports a conventional square faceplate, but you will love the smart LED lighting stripe that gives it an excellent appearance.

The housing is all metal, and it serves to protect the batteries and the mechanism of the parts inside. You get the impression of a boxy appearance, and overall it looks good.

The Kevo second-generation smart lock comes with an auto-lock option; the feature makes unlocking the door very easy.

It works exceedingly well with the mobile app. However, the manufacturer of this new smart lock still missed a trick or two, as it does not include any alarms. The Kwikset Kevo app is straightforward, and you will find some useful features in it.


It would not take much time for you to figure out, the manufacturers have worked out of their skins for making the installation procedure very convenient.

The smart lock comes with an interactive guide via the app. It will prompt you to answer a few questions about the door, which primarily includes the size and measurement of the door, and accordingly, it will help you with periodic instructions.

As you know, the parts like the screws are different for each door; the smart lock manufacturer has packed and coded them individually to restrict mistakes.


I loved the “Advanced SmartKey” security feature. Now, you have increased protection against torque attacks.

It also has a feature called Bumpguard, which successfully protects you against lock bumping. With the second generation Kevo, you can send unlimited eKeys to the other members and guests with utmost ease.

You also get the choice of giving permanent access or create keys for working them on a schedule. It is a pity that the lock settings lack the features which most of the other smart lock manufacturers are insisting on.

Remote access feature which is so important is not initially available with this smart lock.

For this, you ought to buy another accessory, Kevo Plus. But, you may not want to spend additional costs as this accessory is not cheap. The standout feature of the smart lock has to be the Touch to open feature.

Mostly it will scan your phone or the key fob. Thus, you can touch the lock for activating it as soon as you get towards the door.

Though not entirely automatic, the auto-unlock feature does help a lot. You can be sure, the touch to open feature will not work when you are inside, as it will only work when the phone is outside the house.

The SmartKey tool allows you to switch compatible keys for the lock. Furthermore, it integrates very well with the other smart appliances on your home.

So, unlocking the door is no longer limited to your smartphone only, you can do so with your Android watch, and integrate it with the other devices to make subtle changes at your home.


The Kevo smart lock second generation offers the most straightforward installation and sports a great design.

Its ability to share the eKey makes it super convenient for family and friends. With the Kevo Plus upgrade, you can add several smart appliances with your smart lock.


The absence of some main features like the alarm, the limited features in the app settings, and the additional spending of upgrading for better integration needs to be worked on.


You will appreciate certain things about this smart lock and fume for the absence of a few features.

It is up to you to decide, if you think the benefits outweigh the flaws, you would not mind installing this smart lock. It will not enhance your security but will surely help others with the features like eKey and its quick responsiveness.

Review Video: Thanks to Andrew Ohara for creating this video.

Lockly Secure Plus

Of course, with the advent of the smart locks, we no longer need to worry about the misplaced keys. But, there is no reason to think, the touchscreen keypad door locks are fully secure.

Intruders and rogues are always on the prowl, and you never know if someone is spying on you and steals the access code. The services of Lockly Secure Plus (click to see on Amazon) can be the best solution.

It does add a couple of layers of security and makes it difficult to steal the access codes. Simultaneously, you can use the app to control the access and utilize the auto-lock feature.

To secure things further, it comes with a fingerprint scanner. However, the Lockly Secure Plus is devoid of several smart features which some of the premium smart locks have.

Design and Features

The Lockly Secure Plus is available in two variants, the Satin Nickel and Venetian Bronze.

Moreover, this smart lock gives the impression of a complete lock set as it comes with an exterior and interior escutcheon, a mounting plate, a deadbolt latch, two keys, mounting hardware, couple of gaskets, and the batteries.

The exterior of the smart lock sports a capacitive touchscreen keypad. Right below the keypad is the keyhole which is well-protected with a cover.

The 3D fingerprint scanner sits pretty on the right-hand side which is surrounded by an LED screen. The LED display turns green when you succeed in providing the correct fingerprint.

Likewise, it will become red, if it fails to scan the fingerprint. Being 3D, it will only give access to real fingerprints. The interior escutcheon includes a thumb turn for manually locking.

The Pin Genie technology feature is something that I liked the most during the review.

With the help of this feature, it changes the order of the numbers you enter on the keypad. Thus, no one can steal the access code easily.

It works on a specific mechanism which makes it shuffle the numbers each time you open the door with the access code. You also have the choice to select the order of shuffling according to your preference.

For added convenience, the inner escutcheon comes with a thumb turn. It helps you in locking and unlocking manually.

Additionally, you can use the privacy button alongside it to disable the external keypad and the fingerprint scanner, if you prefer opening the door with a key only.

At the top of the smart lock, you can see the removable battery cover, and it also includes a program and reset button. Here, you can program the smart lock by using the keypad for adding new access codes, enabling the auto-lock feature, and submit fingerprints.

Allowing the auto-lock feature will make sure the door locks after a particular time.

Lockly Secure Plus primarily works with the Bluetooth to access your smartphone, but it does not include the Wi-Fi connectivity, so as you can expect, remote operation is not possible.

Furthermore, it does not support the voice assistants that are such a rage at the present day. You need to be entirely dependent on the app for controlling the operations of the smart lock.

The app lists all the essential features of the smart lock in the settings, and you can quickly locate and operate them.


Like most other smart locks, the installation of the Lockly Secure Plus is a breeze. The installation should not take more than fifteen minutes.

You need to remove the existing lock, deadbolt, door strike, and cylinder primarily. Now, you should put the deadbolt latch along with the Lockly Secure Plus exterior escutcheon to the door.

You can easily do this by bolting it to the interior mounting plate. Attach the data cables to the interior escutcheon and safely connect it to the mounting plate. Connect the batteries, and press the program button.

That is it; you have successfully installed the smart lock. For integrating the smart lock with your door, download the app and perform the necessary steps, like creating an account, verification, etc.

You will be prompted to add the new device, and you are all set to add your access code, which completes the installation.


The Lockly Secure Plus runs very quietly. It has a good response time and will instantly follow the commands you give through the app.

Similarly, I found the keypad, and the fingerprint scanners were also very responsive — the Pin Genie number shuffling works very well, guaranteeing complete peace of mind.

The entire lock and unlock history were present in the log, and when I tested the auto-lock feature, I found it worked without any problems.


The Lockly Secure Plus is easy to install, and it offers the best features to secure the access codes of the door lock.

Even the pioneer smart lock manufacturers do not include such varied technologies for achieving the access codes. All the features work remarkably well, and you can have complete peace of mind.


The lack of remote access is surprising. For those, who want the smart lock to integrate with the other smart devices at home will be in for a disappointment.

It also lacks the voice command support, and it also does not provide you with push notifications, a feature that is so common nowadays.


The Lockly Secure Plus smart lock is for those who are looking for the best option to secure their access codes.

You will surely miss the ability to control it from a remote location though. Since this smart lock does not connect with the Wi-Fi and uses Bluetooth only, you must be in the range for operating it.

Weigh down your preferences, if you think a secure lock is your forte, go for this compromising on the other features.

Review Video: This is the best video I found, this video is created by HappyRider Reviews.

Nest x Yale smart lock

Previously, I already elaborated on the smart lock that works for Apple users. Here, is another smart lock that is dedicated to the Nest’s smart home ecosystem.

The nest is a well-known name in the world of home automation, and several homeowners use Nest as the backbone of their smart home.

The Nest X Yale (click to see on Amazon) is not suited for any other home ecosystems. Owing to a large number of Nest homeowners, this smart lock deserves mention.

Design and Features

If you are familiar with products from Nest, you probably know, the company never compromises on the design.

The Nest X Yale is also no exception. At the very first impression, the smart lock will appeal to you with its sleek, classy, and stylish looks.

The Nest x Yale includes a keypad like most of the other smart locks in the market. It is available in some stunning designs and colors like Satin Nickel; Oil Rubbed Bronze, and Polished Brass.

The product looks perfectly streamlined, but it is bulky. Nevertheless, it does seem pretty impressive and easily fits at the door of most of the homes.

You have the option of buying the Nest x Yale with the Nest Connect feature.

It will require you to spend a few more bucks, but it is a wise choice. With the help of this feature, you can connect the smart lock online, and you can control it remotely.


Before installing this smart lock, you ought to make sure; the door is compatible. Though it should work fine in the most conventional doors, it does not support the sliding doors, glass doors, and doors with multi locks.

Again, the distance between the edge of the door and the center of the hole is a determinant factor. Doors in which the deadbolt is more than 3 inches away, the smart lock will not be compatible.

It seems most of the smart lock manufacturers have made the installation procedure super-easy. The Nest x Yale also gets installed easily.

You only need to attach the front plate of the lock. Follow this up by connecting the cable with the receptor on the inner piece of the lock, and insert the batteries.

That is all, you will be greeted with a welcome message, from the speaker and it will ask you to enter a new code.

Additionally, you can calibrate the door when you unlock it which will let the deadbolt to test the automatic locking.

Once you have supplied the new master code and calibration, open the Nest app and follow the on-screen instructions.Gradually, you can connect the smart lock with the all the smart Nest appliances you have at your home.

The app has all the settings which will let you control the operations of the lock, so make sure to assess the app thoroughly for maximizing the benefits.


The Nest x Yale is incredibly easy to use. It is evident from the way the smart lock functions, Nest has put a lot of hard work in designing this product.

As I mentioned, this smart lock works well with the other smart Nest products at your home, as soon as it is set up, you can see the list of all those products.

It only takes a single tap to control the locking and to unlock the door, setting up new access codes, enabling the privacy mode, and much more.

Remember to enable the sounds of the keypad when you use it from the outside.The keypad does not provide much feedback, and at times, you may become unsure if you have pressed the right keys.

Then there is the one-touch locking system. By pressing the Yale logo, you can lock the door instantly, and repeat the same procedure for unlocking the door, albeit after entering the access code.

Furthermore, you have the option of setting up the lock after a certain period.

The said feature comes very handy for those who often forget to lock the main door before hitting the hay. It can manage up to twenty passcodes at a time.

That the Nest x Yale does not work with any other smart home appliances other than the Nest products is a big disappointment.

The smart lock works exceedingly well and integrating it with the voice assistants like Google Assistant, or Amazon Alexa would have made this a much better choice.

Nest plans to make this device compatible with Google Assistant in the coming day, but for now, you have no such option.


The Nest x Yale smart lock works incredibly well. Adding the elegance and style of the smart lock, you will crave buying this smart lock if you have a Nest-powered home ecosystem. It works quietly and is convenient for the sake of Nest product users.


The smart lock does not work with the IFTTT, and it doesn’t support any voice assistants. Some individuals may not appreciate the idea of investing the extra money for Nest Connect. The product is expensive.


I really pity, such an excellent smart lock is limited to only a handful of people. So, if you are a fan of the Nest products, and have set up your smart home accordingly, the Nest x Yale smart lock is for you.

Review Video: This is the best video created by Smart Home Solver.


The present-day smart locks provide increased security and flexibility to your home, and yet I can say, the journey has just begun.

I have cut short your work by reviewing and providing detailed information on the best smart locks you can get in the market at the present date.

There is a smart lock for everyone based on your preferences. So, evaluate the smart lock that will work best for you, and increase the peace of your mind by securing your home.

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