5 Best Smart Water Shut Off Valves In 2020: Buying Guide Inside

best smart water shut off valves

The best smart water shut off valves I recommend are Orbit B-Hyve 21004 Smart-Hose Faucet Timer Wi-Fi Hub, FortrezZ Wireless Z-Wave Water Valve, LeakSMART 888000 Automatic Shut-Off Valve, Water Leak Detection Starter Kit by leakSMART, Water Leak Detection Starter Kit by leakSMART, and Guardian by Elexa Leak and Flood Prevention System.

These smart water shut off valve or wireless water shut off valve work on sensor basis can easily detect water leak of plumbing system of your smart home.

In this comprehensive guide I will not only help you to select the best smart water shut off valve but also get you the essential insights on the subject. So, without much ado, let us begin.

What are the Types of Automatic Water Shut Off Valve?

Before I delve deeper and familiarize you with the best wireless water shut off valves, it is advisable to know the different kinds of these devices.

There are 3 variants in total which you can look for.

Point-of-use Systems

As the name suggests, the point-of-use systems aim at preventing water damage from a specific source. Since plumbing problems can arise from several appliances, this system will detect the specific system and take adequate measures to control the problem.

So, for instance, if the problem source is from the dishwasher, the point-of-use system will cut off the water supply to or from the dishwasher.

Whole House Systems

The whole house systems are different from the point-of-use systems. They work based on the amount of moisture in the home or on the flow of water.

The device has some moisture-sensor units which you can place at different places in your home. Preferably, you should keep them in places where the water as a result of leakage can reach first.

Whenever these devices detect the presence of moisture, they will alert the valve controller, and it will shut off the water supply automatically.

Flow-based Systems

The flow-based system makes use of flow sensors. For example, if there are situations where your home has a leaky tap, a burst pipe, or for any other reasons there is a chance of water leakage, and this might lead to continuous water flowing, the valve will shut off automatically.

You have the option of setting the amount of time after which the system triggers the valve to cut off the water supply.

As you can understand, the backbones of these devices are the timers and logic controllers, so you need to be precise about placing the leak detectors at the appropriate places.

Is investing in a wireless Water Shut Off Valve is worthy?

It is clear that installing wireless water shut off valves can be of great help. However, some people will have no choice but to postpone the installation of this device as they have no clue about the costs.

Honestly, these are costlier in comparison to the standard valves. Simultaneously, you need additional accessories for these devices to operate accurately.

The price of some of these systems could go well over three digits, but owing to the convenience they offer, the investment is indeed worth it.

Moreover, you should focus on its usability in the long run. Imagine how much extra money you have spent previously on plumbing services.

Once you do manage to install the device, you are going to save a lot of your hard-earned money.

Furthermore, in an emergency plumbing crisis, like high risks of flooding can damage your home. If this unfortunate incident happens, you have to end up paying for both the plumbing and home repairs.

By installing the smart valves, you are in total control of the plumbing system. Your monthly water bills will go down, and you can expect a host of other benefits.

Buy and install the system for ending your plumbing woes leading to a leakage which is suitable for your home and enjoy complete peace of mind.

How I Chose a wireless Water Shut Off Valve?

Our sincere advice to you put the price factor out of contention.

If you pick up such a valve based on the one that is the cheapest, it will not work according to your expectations.

It must be a Wi-Fi shut off valve for the best and suitable results. The other areas of consideration that influences the buying decision are mentioned below.

Total Coverage Area

You are already familiar with the different variants of these valves.

Your first criterion should be determining the type which suits your home. Preferably, most people would like a system for protecting the entire house.

However, if you have budget constraints, you can go for the unit that protects only certain portions of the house or specific appliances.

There is no need to elaborate on the benefits of a unit that protects the entire house. If you opt for limited protection, you are free to check out the sensors allowing you to cover more ground for increased stability.

Sensor communication and connections

In recent times, the Z-Wave or Zigbee have also come up as the most widely used wireless connections.

So, you should not confuse between the regular Wi-Fi and the ones mentioned above. You can also check out the units that work with Bluetooth connections.

The good news is, since you have the option of working with other wireless connections now, it gives you more flexibility and the ability to integrate them with the other smart appliances of your home.

As you know, there are a wide array of smart home automation systems like Nest, and Wink. Integrating the wireless water shut off valve with them will make your life more convenient.

Detection range

The wireless water shut off valve will be useless if their detectors are not sensitive and the range of detection is weak.

Additionally, the number of detection points and long-range leak detectors will save you from the ordeal to position them around your home.

There are specific models which offer detection ranges of hundred to a thousand feet. The ones having a further detection range, and more points should be the ideal choice.

Response time

The leak detection and sending the signal to the valve for cutting the water supply has to be precise. A delay will defeat the purpose of the wireless water shut off valve. The best units should be able to cut down the water supply within seconds.

Some units also include provisions for sending you a notification when it shuts the water supply.

Ideally, these are the preferable smart valves for the households

The make of the Valve

In an attempt to get the best equipment to overcome the plumbing woes, it is easy to overlook the valve itself.

Never take them for granted. After all, you will aim to select a durable valve. Settle none other than those made out of stainless steel.

You can also find the valves made out of cast brass, and cast bronze. Remember, once installed, these valves will withstand the wrath of the sun during summer, increased exposure due to moisture and so on.

The controlling mechanism

Since this is a wireless technology, you should double check everything in finding out whether the system is working properly.

By controlling the system with your smartphone or even a desktop computer, you will have everything at your fingertips. It should have the proper indicators. These things will let you know whether the valve is open or closed.

Additional accessories

A valve with the complete kit is the best thing to get.

The automatic water valves must include a complete kit. When you have the whole kit, it saves you from the ordeal of purchasing the necessary spare parts at frequent intervals.

If you find some of the models are offering extra sensors and detectors, do not think twice, buy it straight away. It will not take long for you to realize how useful these spare parts can be during an emergency situation.

Ease of Installation

I guess the professional plumbers would not appreciate the idea of this system. Since you will never require their services later, once you install this system, so it is better to keep the buying information discreet.

But to do so, you must know the proper procedure of setting them up. Thankfully, these modern-day systems are a breeze to install. You do not even require a plethora of extra tools for connecting the system.
So make a choice diligently. Choose the one that is easy to install, and has a manageable size.

The Best Recommended wireless Water Shut Off Valves

I have handpicked the best five wireless water shut off valves based on my experience.

Your worries related to protecting the home and the belongings from water leakage is all set to become alien once you choose from any one of these systems.

Orbit B-Hyve 21004 Smart-Hose Faucet Timer Wi-Fi Hub

Ifyou are looking for a simple yet effective system for watering the garden and the lawn, the Orbit B-Hyve 21004 Smart-Hose Faucet Timer Wi-Fi Hub (click to check current price on Amazon) is for you.

The B-Hyve does not cost a fortune, and it can incredibly turn your garden hose into a smart watering system.

You can control its entire operations from the smartphone; It includes features such as pre-programmed watering schedules and smart weather-based watering schedules. Additionally, you can control it with voice commands as it supports Amazon Alexa.

Design and Features

The B-Hyve is a gray-colored plastic weatherproof box. It measures 3.2 x1.7 x 4.0 inches (H x W x D). Right at the top of the device, you will notice a swivel connector which you can connect to a faucet.

At the bottom of the box lies a connector, you can attach it to any regular garden hose.

At the front, the timer is present which also includes a removable battery gasket compartment and a button if you wish to water the lawn manually.

The device has a capacity of supporting a flow rate of 100 psi and is best used with cold water.

The timer establishes a connection with the Wi-Fi hub. The hub is drastically similar to a USB thumb drive.

You can connect it with the same frequency (2.4 GHz) technology for integrating it with your home network. The best part, it supports up to 36 timers which can help a lot if you prefer creating a multi-zone sprinkler system.

B-Hyve works with a mobile app which is available for both the iOS and Android platforms. When you launch the app, the home screen displays the watering schedule.

The feature relies entirely on the weather conditions and takes into account the other important factors such as the plant, soil type, and type of sprinkler for creating a customized watering cycle.

Additionally, it comes with a “Rain Delay” button, which if activated will delay the watering schedule for up to two days.

You will find the app is very convenient for use, and the settings will give you all the relevant information related to the watering schedule. Furthermore, you can also keep a track on how much water has been used on a specific watering session.

Although the Smart-Hose Faucet Timer will not integrate with the other smart appliances at your home; it integrates well with the Amazon Alexa, giving you the convenience of using voice commands when you want to turn it on and off.

Installation and Performance

Installing the device is easy. At first, you need to download the app and create a new account.

Next, plug the Wi-Fi hub to an indoor outlet close to your backyard faucet.

Do not forget to place two AA batteries in the B-Hyve timer device. Connect it to the faucet and pick up your smartphone for controlling it from here.

Open the app, and navigate to the devices option. Here, you should find the option of adding a new device, and the B-Hyve should show up there, add it for the integration.

The next step would require you to enter the Wi-Fi password after selecting the Wi-Fi option.

You should also supply your address for letting the timer to access the weather information, for enhancing the smart watering feature.

The concluding step includes adding the timer, performing a flow rate test, and naming the specific zones.

The B-Hyve works with acute precision. It will follow the watering schedules flawlessly, and if you want to switch to manual watering, it will switch to that mode without any problems.

Push notifications will appear instantly as soon as it completes a watering cycle, and as already mentioned before, its integration with Alexa is impeccable.


Watering the lawn becomes super-easy with B-Hyve. You are seldom going to get such a convenient device.

The B-hyve installation is super-easy, and the app has a plethora of options for you.

You are destined to have the best lawn and garden owing to its smart capabilities, as it takes into account the weather conditions. The addition of Amazon Alexa is just the right icing in the cake you need.


The app does not tell you about the water usage report in details.

The inability of the device for supporting IFTTT or third-party smart appliances is a letdown.


The B-Hyve is the ideal system for homeowners who are not ready to invest in an in-ground sprinkler and yet have the desire to transform the garden hose into a smart watering system.

It is inexpensive too, but it depends on how many timers you want to add to it.

The device works remarkably well, and you can be sure, the problems of water overflow in the lawn will never be an issue.

FortrezZ Wireless Z-Wave Water Valve

Atthe present day, there is a plethora of Z-wave water shut off valves, but I found the FortrezZ Wireless Z-Wave water valve (click to check current price on Amazon) to be the best among the lot.

The unit is available in various sizes. The ¾ inch sized brass device is most popular, and it has an inbuilt valve which is controlled by the motor in the device.

A point to remember though, since it directly connects to the pipe replacing the old valve professional installation is a must.

Furthermore, it has an inbuilt water sensor for detecting leaks and shuts down the water supply with elan.

As you can understand by its name, it uses Z-wave technology, but it also includes a manual switch if you prefer to use it.

Installation and Features

As already mentioned, the FortrezZ will replace your existing valve, which will involve soldering, so plumbing work is necessary for its installation.

The installation procedure is complicated and requires the services of a professional plumber. The device is capable of fitting into various pipes irrespective of their diameter and size.

The Z-Wave water valve will easily integrate with the smart home system. It will continue to send you push notifications, and you can control it with your smartphone.

You no longer need to worry about water leakage and flooding. All the appliances that require running water like dishwashers, water heaters, sinks and more will work with this valve.

The inbuilt sensor works flawlessly and can detect water leakage with precision. You have the option of setting up the actions and notifications as soon as the sensors detect any leaks.


You will not get better Z-wave water shut off valve than this product. It supports both the manual and Z-wave controls and guarantees complete peace of mind.


Not many people can afford this device due to its high price. Furthermore, not everyone will appreciate shouldering the ordeal of the installation procedure.

It is impossible to install it manually and requires professional help. Buying something as expensive as this and then spending further on installing it is not everyone’s cup of tea.


Going by its workability, you should consider the FortrezZ as the best water shut off valve right now. But, the intricacies involved can get into the nerves, so we leave the buying decision to you.

LeakSMART 888000 Automatic Shut-Off Valve

TheLeakSMART 888000 (click to check current price on Amazon) is one more capable system that guarantees protection to the entire home.

It has a robust detection system owing to its state-of-the-art sensor. The plumbing problems which can lead to flooding will soon become a thing of the past when you install it.

The device is capable of detecting both temperature and moisture. You just need to place the sensors strategically at your house, and it will do the rest.

Installation and Features

The LeakSMART valve uses the ZigBee connection system. It will not take much time for the device for connecting to the SmartThings hub.

However, I identified the valve is typically designated to work with Wink and IRIS hun systems. LeakSMART also has its hub, which includes six sensors including the valve.

Once the hub is set up, the valve will immediately pair with it. Now, you are ready to connect the valve to the main water supply.

Despite the ease of installation, the manufacturers advise hiring plumbing professionals to set up the device.

The professionals are the best person to evaluate the primary source of water supply of your home.

The device is extremely efficient in detecting water leakage and sounding an alarm. Following a leakage, it will shut down the water supply within seconds.

Furthermore, the device offers the remote shut off feature. You only need to use your smartphone and shut the valve, even if you are not at home. You can also add more sensors to the device if you live in a big house.

The LeakSMART app is available for both iOS and Android versions. It has a wide array of features like displaying the entire home, notifying you if it develops any issues, and whether the sensors have adequate battery life remaining.

Furthermore, you have the liberty to set the priority of the sensors to either the protect mode or detect mode. Again, you decide on who receives the alert. Thus you can add each of these sensors one by one to the different places of your household periodically.


I liked the way; the device alerted us as the alarm volume is very loud.

It also sends push notifications and alerts to the smartphone, those with the IRIS system can further include a ringing alert on their phone.

Among all the smart valves we tested, the LeakSMART was the best of the lot.

Kudos to its alert and detection system and the speed at which it turns off the water supply. When it detects a leak, it barely takes it five seconds to initiate the shutting.

Since the device does not include any extension cables and wires, you should always have the actual sensors for activating the alarm.


The ability of the device to connect with the various smart home systems is very advantageous. It is entirely up to you to decide on the number of sensors you will add. The automatic sound alert system is deafening and grabs your attention instantly.


The product is too expensive for comfort. The recommendation of the manufacturers to install the device by professionals is not going to please many.

At the present day, the majority prefers a system that is easy to install, which you will miss out on this device. It does not need to be told; the washing machines are most prone to leaks. But, the thickness of the sensors of the device makes it impossible to attach it to it


Yes, at $700 the LeakSMART is undoubtedly an expensive proposition.

But, as we have been repeating, considering the number of expenses you have to bear for the leakages, the investment is well worth it.

I recommend the device for all the smart homes, owing to its outstanding features and smart detection.

Water Leak Detection Starter Kit by leakSMART

HereI got one more product from LeakSMART. The product as you can figure out from its name has a kit. It includes a valve, a system hub, and a water leak sensor.

You also have the convenience of purchasing additional sensors if you require. It is ideal for the homeowners who want to try and explore the convenience wireless water shut off valve offers.

Like the other LeakSMART device I described earlier, this one also detects and shuts off water supply within five seconds.

The functionality and performance of the Water Leak Detection Starter Kit (click to check current price on Amazon) are pretty much the same as the LeakSMART 888000 Automatic Shut-Off Valve. So, I am not elaborating on it further.

Guardisn Leak Prevention System

Finally, we have the Guardian Leak Prevention System (click to check current price on Amazon). The name “Guardian” is perfectly justified because it will always protect your home against leaks and flooding.

I have no hesitation in admitting, this has to be the complete system. It includes a valve controller and three leak detectors.

The advantage of having these three detectors is, you do not need to invest in additional sensors, and the ones included do the job correctly.

The manufacturer has been trying their hands in manufacturing various water shut off valves, and have finally come out with the best. The leak detectors are dust-resistant and are capable of operating even when they are submerged in water up to one meter.

Features and Performance

It has an impressive look, and most importantly the performance of the leak detectors need a special mention. You can use it by both plugging it into an electrical outlet or by using the batteries.

The latter is particularly useful during situations when the power is out. They are very sensitive, and apart from water leaks, they can also detect low to freezing temperatures, earthquakes, and are very useful.

It immediately shuts off the water supply in any of the above circumstances, which helps avert potential damage to the home.  Further, these detectors are highly sensitive; their long-range sensitivity is more than a thousand feet.

So, they can send the signal using a proprietary RF technology to the valve controller at the right time. You also have the option of using the Z-Wave connectivity by connecting a Guardian Bridge controller.

The system has a battery life of more than fifteen years; needless to say; you are not going to find such devices abundantly in the market. You not only save on the plumbing hitches but also on the recurring costs, as you do not require changing the batteries.

The system has an app for both iOS and Android which lets you access the system remotely. So, you can track the progress anytime and anywhere. For sure, this is useful, as it informs you about the current status of the valve, battery status, and the ongoing temperature around the valve.


The feature-rich leak detectors are the main USP of the device. Additionally, the extended battery life is something you will cherish. The installation procedure will get over in minutes, and it has a high sensitivity along with a long range.

The inbuilt motor can be a cause of a headache for few as they are known to make an annoying noise. The Guardian is surprisingly quiet.


It only works with its ecosystem. I would have liked to see this device integrating with the other smart appliances.

The Guardian is not very cheap; you will feel the pinch in your pocket when you decide to buy it.


The Guardian stands out from the crowd owing to its performance, longevity, and the way it operates. It might be a tad costly, but as we have been reiterating, the cost you are paying upfront is perfectly acceptable.

Ultimately, all these wireless valves help you save in the long run. Remember, this is a complete system, and its performance is enough to silence the critics.

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I bet, the plumbing system or the water supply is not taken into consideration when the homeowners build a smart home.

But, these devices offer excellent value to your home. Will you be able to use the other smart appliances like lighting, temperature control, and security if your house gets flooded due to a plumbing issue?

We all know the answer to this question. So, choose from this list, and help safeguard your home against accidental flooding due to water leakage.

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