Can You Watch Netflix On Amazon Echo Show?

can you watch netflix on Amazon echo show

When one of my colleagues asked me if he can play Netflix and YouTube on the Amazon echo show, I was also surprised. I haven’t tried playing Netflix on Amazon echo show. Now it’s the time to know no about Netflix and Amazon echo show

Can you watch Netflix on amazon echo show? Technically you cannot watch Netflix on Amazon echo show. People say that there is a way but it isn’t worth your time. Google Home devices also don’t support playing Netflix on the devices. Netflix has to enable the support to play on smart home devices. If you have a regular Echo show or Echo show 5, it is impossible to stream Netflix.

So let’s know why Netflix isn’t interested in the Echo show and how to watch Netflix on the Echo Show. We have tested and we feel it is something that we should share with you.

I would love to have Netflix on the Amazon Echo Show, popcorn in my hands and a great show to enjoy my free time.

Why does the Amazon Echo show doesn’t support Netflix streaming?

You can play Amazon Prime video content on all Echo show devices. Amazon recently added Hulu that works bigger on the Echo show. Not only Netflix but also Amazon has to take a step to solve the issue and to enable Netflix streaming on Echo devices. Neither of these companies is Interested to make this happen.

However, Netflix is so good at the web but not good on mobile and tablets. Have you ever watched Netflix on smartphones? You must have the freaking experience of navigation. It seems that Netflix is good at broadband services and the minimum speed Netflix needs to play smoothly is 10Mbps for video streaming.

We have a workaround that can play Netflix on the ‘Echo show 8’ and Echo show the 2nd generation. As we already said, it is highly impossible to play Netflix on other Echo devices. YouTube is also restricted from playing on the Echo show but later it was fixed.

Netflix would not allow you to watch on Google home hub either. There could be some reason from Netflix not to play on smart displays.

Can you watch YouTube on the Echo show?

Yes, you can. You can watch YouTube on Amazon echo show and the way to do is simple as you do. You have to just wake up the Alexa and can command to play YouTube on the Echo show’s screen.

If you say ‘Alexa, Play (Some random music) on YouTube’, it will open the video and play it on the screen. The only minor problem is, the screen space would be smaller. You have to enter into full-screen mode manually but that’s fine.

The thing which annoys me is when the next video starts playing, it will again enter into the small screen. Again you have to enter into full-screen mode.

YouTube vs Google on Echo Show

As you know, you can play YouTube directly after waking up the Alexa. But when it comes to Google, it’s something different. You have to open Google and then you can start commanding Alexa.

Unlike YouTube, you cannot start the search engine from the home screen. If you do, it will show the results, but not on Google.

Netflix on Amazon Echo show

If it can do a lot of things like a tablet and smartphone, then why can’t it play Netflix on the device? Yes, it just works fine as the Smartphone and it will open Play Store too.

The real pain comes here. Amazon Echo Show supports the Silk browser and Firefox. Silk is Amazon’s own browser. Once you Navigate to Netflix, the homepage will load like on normal, and then it will tell you to download the app. When you click on that, it will take you to the Play Store.

Google play store fails to detect the device and as a result, you cannot download the Netflix app and you cannot watch it on the tablet.

Even on the New Amazon Echo show 8, watching YouTube is painful and streaming Netflix is just impossible.

If you have the Amazon show 8, you may be prompted to enter into portrait mode if you are lucky enough. And the remaining Echo show devices don’t have it. Frankly, watching YouTube on the Echo show devices is an annoying experience and Netflix streaming would be horrible.

You can choose a browser on the Echo show and can say ‘Alexa, open Silk’. Go to and if the device is lucky, you’ll be able to log in and use the website version of Netflix. If not, it will ask you to download the Netflix app from Google play store and the Echo show doesn’t support Google Play store.

If you type in the browser, it goes to the official site but it will ask you to enter into portrait mode to continue. most of the Echo show devices don’t support Portrait mode, so you have to exit the site.

A lot of Netflix fans say that it’s Amazon who doesn’t want to play other video streaming platforms rather than the Amazon prime video.

How to stream Netflix on Echo show

Here is how you can watch Netflix on the Echo show. This isn’t tested on all Amazon echo show devices. Only if you are lucky enough, this trick may work for you.

Go to settings on the Echo show ad click on Legal compliance. You can find this option at the bottom of your settings page. Under Legal and compliance, navigate to Amazon privacy notice. After clicking on ‘Your Account’, it will redirect you to the Amazon store where you have to enter Google in the Amazon search box.

Search for Google and look for the product by and open it. Now scroll down and click on the Privacy policy link where you have to click on YouTube Icon from My account section. This is the same method to use Netflix as well.

However, this method might violate the official policies so we do not recommend it to our readers anytime. If Netflix and Amazon agreed to stream Netflix shows on the Echo show then it would be a better option for movie lovers.

All these methods are confusing to the users and users may disappoint if they fail to stream Netflix. As we said already, it all depends on your luck to stream Netflix on the Echo show.

Here is the video from YouTube that helps to find answers related to stream YouTube and Netflix on Amazon Echo show:

Is this a Hack?

This isn’t any hack or breach. It is just like a way of taking advantage of personal settings. If you are worried about security and privacy issues, make sure you read everything on legal compliance. This method won’t work on all Echo show devices, only those which supports Portati mode can let this happen.

Can you use Bluetooth for Audio and PC for Netflix video?

Yes, You can play Netflix on your computer and can listen to audio from the speaker. You just have to connect Echo with your PC. Connect your Echo with PC using Bluetooth and it will work.

The Echo Show Alternatives

If you are a Netflix lover and want to integrate it with any of the Amazon devices then you can get an Amazon Fire tablet that can play Netflix. If not, you can switch the platform. On the Echo Show, Hulu (added recently), and Prime video could be the best options.

We do not know why Netflix isn’t streaming on Amazon Echo shows but watching Netflix with family or friends is a great experience that people don’t want to miss.

If you do not have the Echo Show, it is a good option anyway. It is like a Limited tablet with a great viewing experience that plays music and prime videos. Even though it doesn’t support Netflix, you can expect to stream Netflix in the Echo show in the future.

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