How Long Do Philips Hue Light Strips Last?

how long do philips hue light strips last

Hue lights have some of the best health benefits like reducing the occurrence of headaches and Increasing better sleep quality. Philips Hue light strips are trending upwards in the market because of the craze. If you are thinking to get Hue light strip for your room then you must know the lifespan of Hue light strips.

So how long does a Philips Hue light strip lasts? The answer is 20000 hours. if you use this strips an average of 3 to 4 hours a day then and you will get these strips for 15 to 20 years. Philips hue light strip doesn’t have any battery, you will get a power adaptor along with the strip to turn on the lights.

For a decent look around the table, you have to get a Hue bridge along with the hue light strip.

The unique design of Philips Hue light strip

A Hue light strip is not an average smart bulb. It’s an extendable and compatible strip with LED clusters attached to it. You can use this Philips Hue light strip to lighting your cabinet table or for your bookshelf in your room. This will increase the intensity of light according to your mood if you have the Hue light Bridge as well.

The original strip length is around 2 meters or 78 inches. You can cut the strip if you need a shorter length or you can extend the strip with the Extension pack up to 40 inches more. With the proper caution, the strip should be cut after a few inches to avoid short-circuiting.

We have two versions of the hue light, a hue light strip, and a hue light strip plus. For warm or cool temperatures and brightness, you need an extra bridge to manually control the color of lights around the LED strips.

You can control the LED colors with any Android or iOS smartphone. Otherwise, you’ll have only one emitting color from the LED strip without the hue light bridge. Ask me the best thing, you can expect the double brightness compared to the regular 60 watts bulb.

These are the basic specifications and design of the Philips hue light strip. Recently, we upgraded our kitchen with some LED strips to test the brightness level when lights are turned off. Before understanding the life span of LED strips, you need to know how the Hue light strip powered.

How are Philips Hue light strips powered?

The Philips Hue light strip doesn’t come with a battery. You need to connect the adapter to the end of the LED strip. One end of these light strip will be connected to the socket wall and another end can be connected to the extension strip if needed.

Philips claims the lifespan as 20 years for moderate use or 2 years for continuous use. It isn’t waterproof which is a little disappointing for me because I would like to have this on the wall of my personal bathroom. However, you can still keep it inside the bathroom where the water doesn’t flow at.

The main thing that emits the light is heat. LEDs won’t die but the intensity in brightness gets dimmer over a long period. The reason behind its brilliant lifespan is the construction of the LEDs. If you are living in a cool environment then you can expect more than 15 years lasting period.

There is a lot of misconception between the life of Philips Hue Bulbs and the Hue light strip. Both the Hue bulb and Hue light strip have the same potential for long-lasting.

We know it doesn’t come with battery, yet you can use an 8AA Battery adapter for power supply to the strip. The cool thing that surprised me is you can even connect it with the batteries which have a remote controller.

If you like to dim the light at different times, you can use this remote controller for light intensity. However, it seems easy to have a battery, trust me it is not that easy.

Suppose if you have a 12v power output then you need an 8AA battery that supplies 12v continuously. I don’t think it would be worth to spend your beautiful day for switching the batteries. Moreover, the strips are designed to take sufficient power from the power socket which is the continuous supply.

Old LED Strips were used to last around 10,000 hours but the new Hue light strips form Philips has a decent lifespan of 20,000 hours if you use in moderate environmental conditions. However, 15,000 hours is the average lifespan of a Philips Hue light strip considering all the possible factors.

Do you need a hue bridge for the light strip?

If you need to control the brightness and colors with your smartphone then the answer is Yes. The Hue bridge is like the heart of the hue light system for various color production.

When you attach the strap around the table, you have to connect the Hue bridge with the LED strip and your smartphone. You can also connect the Hue bulb or any smart Philips bulb in your home.

You have to purchase this Hue bridge separately. Amazon has this Hue bridge or hub to take a look. There is no chance to connect this bridge to the Hue light strip wirelessly. You have to connect this Hue bridge with your network using the ethernet cable.

Can Phillips Hue light strip run off the battery?

Is it possible to expect the same intensity with the battery for a long time? The short answer is ‘No’. The 2m lengthy strip consumes the 22w power at the full brightness level.

So, possibly when the power socket isn’t available you need to have multiple batteries to run the strip for a long time.

The battery LED Strip lasts only for 1 hour on average for continuous illumination. Either you need a continuous AC current or a decent battery to your DC adapter of the Hue light strip.

How to run these LED strips for a long time than usual?

It is a known fact that these Hue light strips are great in producing the light but at the same time, you have to keep the intensity of light in the medium range. And also, the continuous run will affect the LEDs used in the hue strip.

It will make them emit dimmer mode which will affect the overall circuit. Once you installed these LED strips around your cabinet table or the book-shelf, you have to turn off after every 200 minutes or 3 hours.

Most of us think these LED strips are like a normal bulb but they aren’t. You need to understand the mechanism in this light strip and also the working. Soon or later, Philips is going to launch a new hue light strip that supports Bluetooth (Source: 9to5mac). Hands down, these new strips don’t have to depend on the Hue bridge.

You can extend the lifespan up to some extent using some simple saving techniques. But a moderate use with medium intensity light level is recommended.

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